My goals for 2010

Blog more often!
Take 365 pictures
Learn how to do photoshop
Post pictures often
Walk dogs daily
Read one book a month
Hike all of the mountains in Phoenix
Hike the National Trail (14 miles)
Complete an individual triathlon
Hike two mountains out of Phoenix (Prescott or Flagstaff, etc)
Take CDI exam


Trip to Italy

I will be leaving for Italy on September 2nd. Arriving to Rome on the 3rd. Then Letty, Jason and I will be going to San Gimignano in the region of Tuscany for one night. I went to San Gimignano 4 years ago and loved the town! Can’t wait to see the vineyards on the rolling hills! The last time I went was in February so this time for sure I will see the grapes ready to be harvest for vino!!

Then next day will drive to Calitri (Where the Gervasi’s roots came from and stay at Jason’s loft) and stay there until the 9th. We will be planning side trips to Naples, Amalfi Coast, Positano, Capri, and Serranto.

Then go to Rome until the 13th.While staying in Rome, will plan to do a side trip to Cerveteri & Tarquinia or The Castelli Romani or Viterbo. I will need to do more research and discuss it with Letty and Jason! (Any suggestions?)

I hope I will be able to post when I am in Italy!


I made it to Biggest Loser!!!

I wish!! 🙂  It is just only my boot camp! 3rd day!

Whew! Today was the toughest I have ever experienced! Felt like I am on the Biggest Loser show! I sweat like a pig! But it was a great workout. Before when I did boot camp in October and November last year and this one is TOTALLY different! Eric, the trainer, really our Sergeant (a sweet one), had some new equipment for us to use.  I guess he must got them for Christmas or something! Ha.

What we did today-

First 10 minutes warm up with jumping jacks, leg stretches, and arm stretches (both most common in sports when warming up before game or practice)

Then the Sergeant had this 3 big board with all of the workout written down for everyone to see (also help them to remember when is next etc-perfect for us deafies)

1-lying press-20 reps for each arm

2- mountain climbs-40 reps

3-jumping rope-60 jumps

4-step up (on box that is like knee high!) 20 steps

5-Medicine ball (so big that you have to hold with your both arms 10 or 15 pounds) run to each cone then do 5 jumping squats (there were 5 cones)

6-Lunges (across the parking lot-about 20 lunges)

7-Box Dip-20 reps

8-Dumbbell (DB) Thrusters-20 reps

9-DB X-lying -20 reps

You keep it going for like 40 minutes. Like doing it over and over again! I only did 3 times. I know some people who are fit did like 5 or more times!

Then 10 mins of plank, like a push up but you stay in one place, and sit ups (we did it like 3 times of each)

Then ran around the park (about 50 yards like in football field)

5 mins of cool down!

Tomorrow we will be doing upper body workout! My favorite!



Yesterday I felt little sore but not bad as before when I first joined boot camp in October. I think becasue I already knew what I expected? Or my body already used to it? I did boot camp for 2 months (Oct and Nov). Is that good or bad. I know if you are sore then you are working out hard. I felt I did worked out hard yesterday and today. I guess I will have to wait and see. Well this morning I did feel little sore when getting off the bed. See see!

Today’s workout was mainly focused on the lower body. Alot of jumping jacks, did lunges with dumbbell, burpees (hate that shit), plunge with kicking back, and others I can’t remember what they are called. Maybe I can find pictures and I can show it to you! 🙂 Of course we did warm ups and cool down!

Have a good day!

Monday’s meal journal

Breakfast: white eggs, yogurt, tomatoes and coffee

Snack: nuts and strawberries

Lunch: grilled chicken with veggies

Snack: yogurt and 3 pieces of cookies (oops! Girl Scout shortbread)

Dinner: Turkey meatloaf, two small rolls (oops-but they are low fat hee) and asparagus.

Snack: salad with hard boiled egg, tomatoes, peppers, and radish with my homemade dressing (olive oil and balsamic with secret spices) This was supposed to go with my dinner but I was full from the dinner-and I already made the salad so didn’t want it to go wasted!

Of course water with every meal and in between!

I strained my glute-because I didn’t do it the right. I stretched throughout the day and took some Advils. I feel little sore from the Monday’s workout. I also drank alot of water which helped. Also moved around alot so it helped.

Big Day!

I joined boot camp today with Tara! I wasn’t planning on doing boot camp because I am already member of gym but heck I don’t go to gym that much. And I was like that’s it! And decided to join boot camp! That way I will go to the gym toooo!:-)

So this morning I got up at 450 am and got to the boot camp at 5. Eric, the trainer, weighed me, measured my arm, waist and leg. Also measured my fat -OUCH! (he pinched my fat in my arm and waist but it wasn’t bad in my leg. I think because I have more muscles in my leg. I won’t get the information on my weight and measurement until end of the month-RESULTS!

I will be going to the camp 5 days a week! I also am following the initial 7 days meal plan this week.

The way we’ll do this is by getting rid of these “bad foods”.  The first 7 days
of this plan require you to stop eating the “bad foods” completely.  These
foods include the following:

Sugar (including artificial sweeteners)
Processed Foods
Dairy Products
Red Meat

Next week I will be able to add certain food back like dairy products, red meat and CAFFEINE!

Here is the manual you can use for yourself!


Rough Itinerary for Europe Trip February 13 – 22

Friday, February 13.
Leave for Frankfurt, Germany
1:15 pm.

Saturday, February 14.
Arrive Frankfurt, Germany
10:50 am.
Get rental car
Go to Sven’s for couch surfing (stay for one night)
Visit Frankfurt

Go to Brewery

Sunday, February 15.
Leave for Amsterdam in the morning
Arrive around Noon.
Check into Durty Nelly’s Hostel (60 euros total)
Anne Frankhuis: The clear and haunting words of a young Jewish girl trying to survive and grow in unimaginable circumstances have moved millions since they were first published in the aftermath of World War II. It’s a melancholy but unforgettable experience to spend a reflective moment in Anne Frank’s stark hideout from Nazi terror.

Heineken International Brewing Company

Rent bike
De Wallen
Red Light District

Monday, February 16.
Van Gogh Museum: The world’s largest collection of Vincent’s works is housed here — some 200 paintings and 500 drawings — ranging from Sunflowers to earless self-portraits. Here, you can trace this great, tragic painter’s artistic and psychological development.

Rijksmuseum: The State Museum houses some of Holland’s most important artworks: Rembrandt’s world-famous The Night Watch, four of Vermeer’s miniatures, and numerous pieces by Frans Hals. In all, this is one of the world’s most impressive Old Masters collections.

Tuesday, February 17.
Leave for Belgium-Brussels in the am
Stay at Christian for couch surfing

Kasteel Beersel This 13th-century castle just 8km (5 miles) south of Brussels, looks to be the ideal place for pulling up the drawbridge and settling in for a siege — and if the owners have had the foresight to amply stock the rustic Auberge Kasteel Beersel restaurant inside, the proceedings need not be too burdensome. This is a castle just like Disney makes them, with turrets, three towers, a drawbridge, a moat, and the spirits of all those who have, willingly or unwillingly, resided within its walls.

Hôtel de Ville (Town Hall; Both the inside and the outside of this magnificent Gothic work repay careful study. The sculptors who created its intricate exterior decoration had a sense of humor — or at any rate what passed for a sense of humor in the Middle Ages — as well as skill. And the interior is lavish enough even for the extravagant tastes of the imperial aldermen who ruled over the city from here.

Galeries Royales St-Hubert (St. Hubert Royal Galleries; One of Europe’s oldest “shopping malls,” the Italian neo-Renaissance style gallery with three connected wings opened in 1847, and is still a fine place to shop and to stroll through window-shopping.

Snap Up a Bargain at the Flea Market Each day from 7am to 2pm, the Marché-aux-Puces in place du Jeu-de-Balle offers everything from the weird to the wonderful at rock-bottom prices.

Visit the Comic-Strip Museum: Cast aside any thoughts of Superman and Batman. Belgian comic-strip art is an altogether more sophisticated product, though its most famous creation, Hergé’s Tintin, proves it can also be fun.

Wednesday, February 18.
Belgium-Bruges-the Chocolate City!

Thursday, February 19.

Friday, February 20.
Leave for Frankfurt, Germany in the am
Stop by Charleroi
Just drive through…
Visit the Gervasi and Margotta families.
Drive through Luxembourg
Arrive Frankfurt, Germany
Stay with Annew for couchsurfing (two nights)

Saturday, February 21.
Frankfurt, Germany
Visit with Daisy
Stay with Annew

Sunday, February 22.
Leave for Arizona
11:40 am